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s2 layout: fall through your fingers in flakes [flexible squares]

I promised ages ago to make a sensible layout with a scrolling topbar, so here it is, sorta.

OH AND I MEANT TO ASK. Anyone interested in the clockrobot layout?

image | live
layout:fall through your fingers in flakes
style: flexible squares
accounts: Basic, Paid, and Sponsored
features:custom comment pages, mini icons, topbar
browsers: IE8, FF, Safari, Chrome

01. Choose Journal Style

Select "Autumn" Flexible Squares layout in "Select a New Theme"

02. Choose a Page Setup

i. Set Advertisement display to Horizontal or Between Entries
ii. Select 2 Column (sidebar on right) or 2 Column (sidebar on left).

03. Style

Change the "Background color of the outer table" to #222222.

04. Custom CSS

Ensure Use layout's stylesheet(s) is set to no


Paste code into the Custom Stylesheet box.

credit mini icons by Pinvoke
safe keeping

Upload images to your own server to be safe. Tinypic does delete its images after a while.


♚ As per usual, feel free to add your own header/ edit bloody anything you want to.
♚ ^ Including the widths/display of anything in the topbar, as per your usage.
♚ The colour yellow used is #EFDD1D. Replace if yellow is not your thing.


If you have problems with a layout, please post them at the FAQ. I unfortunately I cannot help with stylistic edits, but as I said before, go nuts doing so.

oh, and yeah:

Scrolling sidebars are a bit tricky as you can imagine. There may be unforeseen problems if you put weird stuff in your blurb box for instance.

If you are experiencing problems with the display of the elements in the topbar, please go to -->Sidebar and check firstly that they're all enabled, and secondly that the ordering goes Default Userpic - Blurb - Links List - Calendar - Tags - Page Summary.

Tags: style: flexible squares, wot: layout
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