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s2 layout: carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees [flexible squares]

This and another layout batch that I'll post sometime soon, are actually a part of the same 'set' in they way I usually do (in the sense that they're all quite distinct, but explore a certain theme in a variety of ways). But next up I'm going to make a "layouts I'm never going to get around to polishing into proper posts" post. By which I mean the milou_en_avril and clockrobot layouts.

image | live

image | live
layout:carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees
style: flexible squares
accounts: Basic, Paid, and Sponsored
features:custom comment pages, mini icons, sidebar/links list
browsers: IE7+, FF, Safari, Chrome

01. Choose Journal Style

Select "Greys" Flexible Squares layout in "Select a New Theme"

02. Choose a Page Setup

i. Set Advertisement display to Horizontal or Between Entries
ii. Select 2 Column (sidebar on right) or 2 Column (sidebar on left).

03. Style

Change the "Background color of the outer table" to #FFFFFF.

04. Custom CSS

Ensure Use layout's stylesheet(s) is set to no


Paste code into the Custom Stylesheet box.

version one: stripped (links list only)

version two (sidebar)

credit mini icons by Brand Spanking New and graphicsbyjulz.
safe keeping

Upload images to your own server to be safe. Tinypic does delete its images after a while.


♚ As per usual, feel free to add your own header/ edit bloody anything you want to.


If you have problems with a layout, please post them at the FAQ. I unfortunately I cannot help with stylistic edits, but as I said before, go nuts doing so.

release notes:

04/08/10 - Fixed code to display correctly in Internet Explorer
24/05/2011 - Re-uploaded userinfo graphic

Tags: style: flexible squares, wot: layout

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