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  • Please don't steal or redistribute
  • ^ redistribution includes adding a banner to a layout and posting it for public consumption, especially if you're claiming credit. Just post your banners dudes, people know what to do with them.
  • Please do not adapt designs for sites other than those based on the LJ open source code - dreamwidth and the like are fine.
  • Please do not remove the credit at the top of the code. My no-credit-necessary policy is because I sympathise with laziness, but deliberately removing the credit is a bit suspect.
  • Also do not use the codes as base for layouts that you'll be making and distributing. There are already base css codes in distribution for all of the styles I use.
  • ...more later if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Issues
Everything looks funny. There are different colours showing up to what you have in the preview.

Make sure that in Custom CSS, all the drop-down menus are set to “No”.

How do I get the text to show up in my sidebar/topbar/ what looks like the header?

I'm referring to what usually appears in the live previews as song lyrics. Add it in Sidebar.

How do I credit?

You don’t have to credit me, just as long as you don’t claim it as your own work. But if you do want to, just put layout by <lj user="milou_veronica"> into your profile, or just a link, eg. <a href=””>layout</a>, or list me on your resources page, or whatever.

May I take a banner/background/icon set from one of your other layouts and put in on another one?


Can I change the colours, etc.?

Yes. Change anything you want.

Will you help me edit my CSS?

I feel horrible for saying this, but I would really prefer not to. I'm not an expert, or even close to an expert. Either familiarise yourself with s2flexisquares, or learn basic CSS.

The way the images change transparency when I hover over them is really irritating. What part of the code does that?

Somewhere (just search for it), you'll find img { and img:hover {. Just get rid of these sections to remove the funtion altogether, or switch the :hover if you want to switch the transparency change.

I've edited my CSS and screwed things up. Halp?

Firebug will help you suss out your problems, and otherwise there's s2flexisquares / s2smoothsailing / everything_lj / flexisquares guide. I love that people edit my layouts, but understand the problems caused by that aren't my responsibility.

I use Internet Exporer, and.....

I check, but do not make, my layouts in IE7. I do not offer support for IE6 at all, although many of my layouts will function in the browser. This is unfortunate but it won't change. Use the awesomeness that is Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

Sidebar Issues

I can't see my sidebar at all.

Try going to 3. Choose a Page Setup and choosing either2 Column (sidebar on left) or 2 Column (sidebar on right).

How do I get X to show up on my sidebar?

flexible squares: In Sidebar, set the drop down menu to “Yes” of the things you want displayed. This is also the page where you enter your blurb/quote/free text.

smooth sailing: Sidebar. Make sure that the boxes you want are visible, and that the number you've chosen isn't already being used by another element.

The links list you’ll find, strangely enough, in Links List.

There’s a giant long banner in my topbar.

You have selected “Vertical” for your add settings in 3. Choose a Page Setup. You need either “Horizontal” or “Between Entries”.

When using “Between Entries”, also note that on your archive and comment pages it will default to your previous setting, so first save “Horizontal” and then save again as “Between Entries”

All the stuff in my top bar seems to be flowing out of the bottom. Help?

First check the .sidebar { code. If you see a declaration that says min-height: and then some value, just increase this value until all your sidebar content is included. If there is no such declaration, simply add height: XXXpx; to your .sidebar { code, where XXX represents the number of pixels you want as your header height. If you don't want to keep guessing values, simply use you icon as a visual guide; if it looks as though you need about twice your icon height, input height: 200px;.

I am using one of your layouts with a topbar. How do I make this into a sidebar?

By recoding it yourself. This sort of thing is fairly complicated, so only do it if you're comfortable with editing codes. As a hint, you'll probably need to add a side margin to the #maincontent, assign a width and float to the #sidebar, and enable all the sidebar elements I've disabled. Try the definitive flexisquares guide for more help there.

Header Issues

How do I add a header image?

Flexible Squares
The header image can be added either by finding the code in the layout ( .headerimage { ) or adding this:

.headerimage {
position: relative;
background: transparent url(XXX) no-repeat scroll 50% 50%;
width: XXXpx;
height: XXXpx;
margin: 0 auto}

In both cases, replace the XXXs with the details of your header. If I don’t put the header image code in myself, it’s because I don’t recommend doing it.

Smooth Sailing
Roughly, this added to the bottom of the code will work

.pageheaderblock { padding-top: BANNERHEIGHT+20px; background-image: url(BANNERURL); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 50% 0;}

but depending on the layout it may need tweaking. Please note that BANNERHEIGHT+20 means that if your banner is 300px high, your padding-top will look like padding-top: 320px;. This is just a guide; depending on the layout, you may need more or less.

Entry Issues

I don't want the text to wrap under the userpic.

If your using one of the Flexible Squares layouts, you can probably change this by adding margin-left: 130px; or margin-right: 130px;, depending on which side the userpic is on, to .entry {. The amount may also differ from layout to layout.

How do I add "edit" links and so forth to my comment bar?

Flexible Squares does not have this option normally. If you are a paid user, you can try this tutorial. Otherwise, use a diffent layout: spire makes some excellent Smooth Sailing layouts. So does fruitstyle.

More help: The Flexible Squares CSS Guide, s2flexisquares

Have a problem not addressed here? Comment to this entry with this handy form:

You may add screencaps if you wish, and I may ask for them if I can't see anything in my browsers, but they are rarely necessary.

^^ This is for existing problems with the stylesheet, not for editing issues or questions. Examples: "I'm using X layout and I noticed that you haven't formatted the collapsed comments on the comment pages", or "The tiny replacement icons become displaced when I use larger-sized text". Not: "How do I make my text size bigger", or "I've been editing X layout, and I've created this problem...". If you find yourself writing 'it's not really a problem' then it's not really my problem either.


If you'd like to affiliate, please comment here ♥

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kuribati (+ icons, wallpapers, profile layouts)

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